2015 UPDATE- I highly recommend Pope Benedict’s book Saint Paul, 2009, which contain his messages during the Year of Saint Paul 2008-2009.

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One of the practical benefits of studying afresh the contribution of the Apostle Paul will be to reset our spiritual compass. Paul conceived himself to be the key figure in a “vital stretch of God’s purpose in history”.

The importance of understanding his sense of being called to a specific work forces us to place him first of all in his own Jewish context and training which was anchored in the Old Covenant tradition as well as in the Hellenistic reality of the dispersion within the Roman empire.

Over fifty years ago, writers in the field of Biblical Theology were telling us just how central the Jewish context was for the Church to understand her own calling in our modern world. Here are some remarks from G.Ernest Wright, one of those writers, speaking of “The Church’s Need of the Old Testament”. I…

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Heard a message on I Samuel 15 today & was reminded of this post!

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CHRIST ALONE  (1964-2015)

As I’ve meditated on the Christian life over some forty plus adult years, there has always been a grave concern in the back of my mind. I have an ever increasing desire to focus on CHRIST himself, on the beauty and sheer majesty of my beloved and the riches that are in His person and in His perfect work on behalf of the human race as the one Mediator between His Holy Father and rebellious humankind. In Him truly are hid all the treasures and fullness of the Godhead in human flesh.

But in order for all this beauty to be seen by the eye of faith, I’ve come to believe rather strongly, that it must be seen against the background of what one has described as “the fallen man focus”; or simply a fuller and fuller vision of what God has said about earthly, sinful Adamic flesh…

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On the art of Observation!

A classic essay on the foundational art indispensible to reading with understanding. Is this a lost art among Bible readers?


Nothing has changed! The Church of King Jesus is STILL the ‘most powerful force on earth’.

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Did you ever hear the old saying,


I’m thinking especially about books that have made an impact on my life. Some of the most powerful books have been little paperbacks. I have a dear friend that is an avid reader, and that’s putting it mildly. He once said to me, “I don’t do paperbacks!” But I said, there are some precious little gems that only come in paperback. “Well”, he said, “I guess I’ll just have to wait until the hardback edition comes out, won’t I.”

Some of my most treasured books over the years are paperback classics, I’ll just name three: Life Together, by Dietrich Bonhoeffer,Harper & Row (1954), 122 pages,and The Obedience of Faith, by Paul S.Minear, SCM Press (1971)110 pages. I wish every Christian in America could read these as well as the third one I’ll mention now, regardless of which church…

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Until the churches of GOD attain to this unity, it shall not do any excellent thing, it shall not work any notable deliverance in the earth…

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If you’ve been observing Christianity for any time at all, you will have noticed all the divisions that have resulted from schism. This is nothing new, in fact the tendency was already evident within the Biblical narrative- in New Testament times. The sectarian spirit which is now in full bloom, can be a major barrier to the full realization of the Unity which is inherent in the Body of Christ-God’s new creation. But it doesn’t have to be a barrier; it can be instead a great source of strength in diversity if we can only recover the fulness of God’s original design. It is, among other things, a question of desire and deliberate choice to be obedient to God and to live by faith.

One thing should be abundantly clear by now: all of the various claims to “orthodoxy”, or “the right doctrine on paper” as Horton says…

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It may seem early to talk about the 2016 election, but I believe that the campaigning has already begun.

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Many of you know that Civil Religion is a favorite topic on this blog and that I consider it incredibly essential that all of us understand its function in the American society. Today I received a copy of Modern Reformation’s “special political issue”. I felt my pulse begin to pick up intensity as I quickly looked through to see what in the world they had to say.

The first article that grabbed by complete attention was a reprint from the 2004 regular September/October issue entitled, “The Christian Voter’s Guide”. Needless to say, they had my undivided attention as I quickly begin to read hoping for a miracle in time for the November election. I was not disappointed. In fact I have to say that this article by a layman, ranks right up there with some of the best that I have found over the years in…

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(Ephesians 4)God’s imperatives after giving us three chapters of indicatives of what He has accomplished by the death, resurrection, and exaltation of the Christ!

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Overcoming the Myths about unity in the Churches. In 1998 when I began the E4Unity advocacy here in Madison County, Kentucky, I put down eight reasons I was often hearing from Christians why they had neglected the imperative of God. I think it is now time to put that document on this blog and I can’t think of a more opportune time to begin than now, as we approach Passion week 2010. It has helped me tremendously, to go back to one of the most basic distinctions to be made in reading Scripture; the distinction between the indicative and the imperative voice in the original text. In the great indicatives, God tells us what in fact He has accomplished! All the imperatives that He then requires of us are simply the response of obedient faith in what He has declared to be true- what He declares to be the true and…

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