Brazil 1978

                                                  BRAZIL 1978

Though my blog is definitely meant to have the aroma of Christ, that does not mean I intend to remain in some kind of sub-culture of the western world. Having lived and worked in another language and culture for 12 prime years of my life, I am forever determined to be a world-citizen.

So don’t be surprised to see a posting now and then from a very different source. I am committed to loving the world as God loves the world.

For example, check out this wisdom from arabicpress:

 Internet as “Real” Speech

I think that many of us define certain Internet spaces as a “community” of sorts. We post videos, photos, and journals on the Internet and many times, people respond. The purpose of this post is to show how certain types of Internet communities are host to some very negative and racist ideas and how they do not serve any constructive purpose whatsoever. I think we have to ask how these Internet “communities” translate into “real” life — but at the same time — I think this question is problematic since the Internet is becoming more integrated into our everyday lives. By this, I mean that the “anonymous commenter” may appear to be a faceless, distant Internet user, but in many societies where the Internet is pervasive, the speech that is made online may just as well have been made face-to-face. Speech made on the internet is “real” speech and should be treated as a tangible phenomenon and not something that exists in some “digital” world of little consequence.