In just one week what I have received through these extra-ordinary gifts is more valuable than all the oil in the world. For they represent what I believe the really valuable thing here on earth to be : the Mega story we’ve all been caught up in. The story of humanity that we are all apart of and these blogs prove just how precious and valuable every life and every sacred story is.

Meet Vera and her blog: Operation Meaning  “For those who struggle with the question,’Is there more to life than this?'” At first, because of my haste in reading a post, I thought Vera was Russian, but no, it was only that Vera was the Russian translation for her name. Her blog is a lovely window to get a glimse of Orthodox Christianity through the eyes and emotions, and via some very gifted writing of a new convert from another tradition.

Meet Parsin and his blog about Persia: The Land of the first human rights charter. I have traded comments with Cyrus and thank God for the privilege to know him and to see Islam from the special perspective that his blog represents. As I told him, I am an old admirer of Cyrus The Great and his story in the Jewish scriptures. Unless I am mistaken, the purpose of my own blog is similiar to his regarding the universal brotherhood of love and understanding. I am hoping to learn much from his posts and to see the sights and culture of the Iranian people for myself.

Finally, I want you to meet one other before you go-I will introduce you to the others another time. This is someone I’ve known before and have the greatest admiration for his writings about the american culture. He writes a column on the site of Charles Colson and the Prison Fellowship- Second Sight. This link will take you to one of the articles of my friend, T.M.Moore, and should give you a sample of the christian faith and worldview.

Thanx for dropping by.