Time to say something about the passion behind my e4unity blog. You have been transparent with me on your blog, and I want to reciprocate in good faith and let you know what my hope is for this blog.

Am I wrong to assume that there is some purpose, something you are passionate about that you want to share with anyone who will pause long enough at your blog to hear? Is this in fact what generally makes some blogs stand out more than others; not just aimless wandering about whatever is blowin in the wind that day, but something very personal, something you have invested a significant part of your life in? No, you say I’m getting a little carried away here; chill out, relax, “It’s just another way to entertain yourself.”

I don’t think I’ve misread you. If so, I’m sorry and will blog somewhere else. Because there is passion in my blog, and for me, I want it to be a blog worth the time and effort. That’s why it must be about integrity, about mutual respect, about the ultimate worth of every individual we encounter here in the blogging community. It is all about the unity of the human community that is becoming more and more evident. Some have called it the new reality of this generation. Oh there have been plenty who have admitted it in previous generations, but they were for the most part ahead of their time.

Simply put, e4unity blog is about the reality that we are now as never before in the history of the world all in this together; we are in the same historical narrative and we are our Brother’s keeper. What affects one life on the other side of the planet, affects us all in some real way and we must find ways to share our pains and sufferings as well as our resources, our wisdom.

Now so that you who read this will not jump to conclusions about the unity I’m speaking of I want to begin to clarify it. How did I arrive at what I’ve stated thus far? I would say that while we are very different we have all come more or less to the same observation pragmatically and from realizing that it is fundamental to some very basic needs that we all face, starting with survival itself. The pyramid is constructed upward from there- the need to make some sense to life and what happens to people we love and care about; to find solutions to the injustices, to give us significance and purpose to go on living, not simple existing.

We all want to believe that the greatest satisfactions and enjoyments in life are found beyond instant gratifications of material or physical attractions but something that goes down to the level of the soul and spirit.


The way we are made

I firmly believe that is the way we are made, created. Yes, I think we suspect that those who keep telling us that there is in fact a Creator God are probably right. Forgive me, if I’m taking too much for granted at this point.

I consider every human being on a path moving towards belief in God. At any given moment, in any given life, where along that path we might be, may in fact be impossible to know; but we are all moving in the direction of an inescapable encounter with the God who made us. That is what my blog insists gives us a unity as the human race that says we really have much more in common, regardless of who we are, than we can imagine.

And this gives us a lot to write about and have some very interesting and hopefully profitable conversations along the way. And it does much more than that; it places eternal worth of the individual into the equation-

which I think is exactly what is often lacking.

Thus far I think there will be much agreement; I have confidence in my fellow world citizens that there is indeed not only the desire for such unity but a commitment to be among those who work for it and not among those who would destroy it.

 So whether you visit regularly or abandon the blog altogether, that’s our starting place.

Obviously within this unity, there is another very specialized and universal unity which I hope to tell you about among those who identify themselves as belonging to the new humanity that is being formed in union with The Christ of God. I wouldn’t be completely honest with you if I didn’t put that out on the table at this point. I hope you will stay- you are important to me and I’m looking forward to walking a while along the path together.  

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