I was going to write a blog about “To Blog or not to Blog, On the Sabbath.” It seemed like a great way to introduce my quest to find some Jewish blogs to interact with on e4unity. My reasoning is pretty simple, as usual.

  • When you add the number of the world’s population which includes those who count themselves as Christians or Muslims, you have a sizeable number, and if we hope to ever make progress towards those goals that all greathearts yearn for (see, Unity worth blogging about) it seems obvious that we begin here.
  • But another significant group of Bravehearts in the world consider themselves Jewish, and these have more than one thing in common with the other two groups. To start with, they are mono-theistic, have a common tie to Father Abraham, and are bound to their God by some form of covenant. I’m going to add one more that may surprise some, but I think if you’ll give me a hearing at some future time, I can make a case for-unless I have completely mis-understood the core beliefs; they all believe in one way or another that part of their covenant with God involves the call to rule the nations. This is a dominant idea of Kingdom of God in the Jewish and Christian scriptures as well as the Koran. True, the manner in which each group envisions how that rule will actually come to pass are very different. But if we can get this out in the open and on the table, we’ve made a huge jump.

I don’t know if that hits you with the same force as it does me. It suggests that at this stage it is just unthinkable not to learn how to talk to oneanother on those basic humanitarian fundamentals I’ve brought up before-respect, integrity, dignity, and the worth of each precious life. It also demands that we listen with the intent to push past all the sterotypes and half-truths we seemed destined to keep passing on generation after generation, about one another, and finally get to know our neighbor as they desire to be known. 

And so I’m on a quest and I’ve already found some very interesting work going on. For example I’ve discovered a group of Jewish blogs for justice including strong advocacy inside Israel protesting the present government policies towards the Palestinians. I’ve also found significant peacemaking being attempted by mixed groups of Arab Christians, Muslims, and Jews. The wonder of the dynamics of the blog for good, leads me to have real hope where there was no hope before. The conversation, no the actual working for significant progress has already begun. More to come. Much more. There is more than a little urgency to our work.  

 * The Mis-understanding is in full swing -watch the clip at MediaMatters (ok I’m guilty of a little play on words in the use of “Light” in the title of the blog)