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The blog of the day, a link I have in my permanent column of links, for today is something so crucial that I want to call your attention to it. From Khanya- Steve Hayes

“I think I know what Cat means, and I hope Cat (or someone else) will correct me if I am wrong. In hoping that all pagans eventually end up as Christians, Christians display an arrogance and lack of humility in assuming that “my path is better than your path”, or “my lived spirituality is better than your lived spirituality”. And if that were so, it would of course indeed be a lack of humilty, and it is a lack of humility that Christians are often tempted with and into which they often fall.

But for Christians what is central is not “my path” or “spirituality”, but God.

The blog goes on to state the other side of the equation ; the side of how the pagans (those who do not yet believe in God), in not recognizing this fundamental reality for Christians, and trying to force them to act and speak in some pluralsitic way (as pagans),is expecting them to violate the very nature of who they are. The very same thing could be said substituting Muslim or Jew for Christian; it’s against who they are to deny the reality of God, and God, as my muslim friend Cyrus pointed out, is abosolute.

Understanding our blood relatives

The Bravehearts, be they Jew, Christian, or Muslim, must be committed to understanding their fellow human beings in the world today. Those that reach a level of faith (faith as it is in each of the respective Faiths) that they are comfortable in honest dialogue, will listen with the intent of learning about their fellow humans, their “blood relatives”, because they really do value and esteem them for who they are, not what they hope they will become. I hope to continue along this line for a while, because I’m encouraged by the rest of you who are moving along the same path, pursuing peace with justice and understanding in our ever shrinking world community.

  • understanding the difference between ideology and faith
  • understanding the hard work of wrestling with the big issues of life
  • understanding that your contribution really does matter to the rest of us.
  • understanding the sanctity of the conscience of the individual
  • understanding will involve very real personal risk and due to the human condition, you will hurt and be hurt, there will be conflict.

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