My Respect for Krista Tippett and her weekly program called “Speaking of Faith, continues to increase the more that I listen to her interviews from the archives available at NPR.


She is a rare and unusual gift for her largely American audience and a model for the art of listening to others as they share what their particular Faith is to them as a way of life; a source of wisdom, strength, comfort, and inspiration. As she interviews her guests, it is evident that she has done her homework in researching what that person or that Faith is all about- who they are. This enables her to ask incredibly precise and leading questions that in turn coaxes the person to give us the very best possible view of how that Faith functions for them. I for one, believe that is exactly a model we all could benefit from in listening to one another. That’s precisely why I have placed her program in the e4unity “Toolbox”.




Today I listened to her interview of three pastors at a national Pastors Conference for Evangelical Pastors, about very different views on the Church and Her Mission in society. I think you should hear this whether you are a Christian or not. There are a lot of complex issues that are in play in this discussion. For example, I found it interesting asking myself the question, “which of the four participants (Krista and three pastors) clearly demonstrate the profound respect for the one speaking at any given time, and the sense they were really listening to their unique point of view?


But the main subject has everything to do with this blog and my personal convictions regarding why we need each other in making a difference in our world. Listen carefully and I think you will be able to hear a lot of the very issues we have got to come to grips with; not only as American Christians who want to join others in the world from other Faiths in pursuing justice and peace and human dignity, but as people of faith in every possible human situation. There are three very different activists, three different generations, all considered within the Evangelical tradition talking about how to be a faithful Christian in the world today.



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