FAITH is like love. If I love someone but have to explain suddenly why I love that person, I may stutter, make mistakes, exaggerate one thing and understate another, say something distorted or even false, stress what is unimportant and even forget what is important. But this is not necessarily detrimental to my love. Love is dependent on statements if it is to find expression. But love is not completely expressed in statements. True love persists even through untrue statements. It is the same when I have to say why I believe in God, in Jesus Christ. I formulate my reasons perhaps obscurely, imprecisely, even falsely. I overlook one thing and overvalue another. In my statement I may miss what is absolutely essential and have to correct myself afterwards. But this need not be detrimental to my belief in God and Jesus. Belief is dependent on propositions if it has to be professed, expressed, proclaimed, taught. But faith is maintained even through untrue propositions…Christian Faith, like love, can be wholly real, even if one of its propositions in not correct. – Hans Kung (see update on Kung )