Paul referred to himself a number of different ways including as “prisoner of the Lord”. The label I have come to love is that of a “man in Christ”. He has been called a lot of names as well such as, “Apostle of Liberty”, but he preferred “apostle to the gentiles”.I have collected some initial essays from various sources and diversity of historical contexts to make available for anyone wanting to join me in studying this man and his ministry. 

Original Letter from Pope Benedict decreeing ‘The Year of Saint Paul’.                                    

Remember, my own interest is primarily in studying his original epistles and trying to keep them in their context. That means we will have to pay close attention to the biblical text and try to put ourselves in the shoes/sandals of those who first read these letters. Only then will we be able to know whether or not essays such as these actually capture the spirit of Paul’s thought and intent.

May the LORD himself grant us “eyes to see, and ears to hear” what Christ is saying through his servant.