I came across a post on a South African blog I highly respect and was excited to see that it fit very well into the subject I had introduced before : CIVIL RELIGION.

It involved an on-line discussion among world members of the Orthodox Faith and the subject of a christian’s allegiance to Christ. There seemed to be some objections from a few American members in regards to what was owed to “democracy” (Their own country). Now the blogger was taken back by the seemingly confused idea of how anyone in Orthodoxy could not understand where their ultimate loyalty resided. In one of the comments, this explanation was offered for the disconect. It refers to the well-known web site among Orthodox- Ancient Faith Radio, and a program by a well known author who has converted along with her husband-Priest to the Orthodox Faith and become a major voice to those outside Orthodoxy to learn of that Faith in America.

A little of the comment together with the program on Ancient Faith Radio that is supposed to have fueled the original confusion. I urge everyone who seeks to understand the factor of religion in America in relation to the Democracy that in fact does trump everything else, to listen to the entirety of this piece.

” I think the reason you got such a large volume of American Orthodox saying what they were saying is because of a recent podcast distributed by Ancient Faith Radio by Frederica Matthewes-Green, a prominent Orthodox writer in the U.S. The podcast is available here:

She wrote the podcast on the great experiment of American democracy, and how it requires us to put our religious beliefs on the back burner, for good or ill, when we are in the public square. Also, she discusses why our kind of democracy may not be exportable.

To READ MORE in this area of Church and State, you may want to check this POST (Killing the phone company); but be forewarned, this is not for the novice, but for the serious seeker after answers.