CHRIST ALONE  (1964-2016)

As I’ve meditated on the Christian life over some forty plus adult years, there has always been a grave concern in the back of my mind. I have an ever increasing desire to focus on CHRIST himself, on the beauty and sheer majesty of my beloved and the riches that are in His person and in His perfect work on behalf of the human race as the one Mediator between His Holy Father and rebellious humankind. In Him truly are hid all the treasures and fullness of the Godhead in human flesh.

But in order for all this beauty to be seen by the eye of faith, I’ve come to believe rather strongly, that it must be seen against the background of what one has described as “the fallen man focus”; or simply a fuller and fuller vision of what God has said about earthly, sinful Adamic flesh. This revelation begins very early in Genesis and continues right on through Scripture to the very end.

If I had but one message left to proclaim before I would go to meet this lovely friend, Savior, and Lord, and enter into His everlasting Kingdom, I would want it to be about His cross where He really did do something definitively about this “old wretched man” of ours. And I would want to speak especially into the midst of the American evangelical churches that at present are so enamored with the ways of modernity-of technique, of “how-to’s”, filled with their confident “can do” self help philosophy.

Passing the Torch

Passing the Torch

I would remind them of the foolishness of God, of the way of the cross of His Son. I would stand in the gap and call all of us to make certain that we have in fact understood God’s once for all judgement on the flesh of Adam and the indispensable repudiation of that which is dearest and nearest to the old stony and deceitful heart of the self life. I wonder if God is not hearing again a lot of the “bleeting of sheep” in our midst that he has told us as He did a man named SAUL, in no uncertain terms, to put to death! Please read the Scripture at this link: I Samuel 15.

For me, what is urgently at issue in our churches is no mere matter of difference in styles or methodologies, not even a question of how we do church, but a matter of a “breach of faith”- a failure to pay the price of covenant faithfulness. It is a matter of the one response to the love of God in the presence of His glorified and reigning King that He requires: true repentance toward Him and faith in the only flesh which He is well pleased with. The only flesh that will be allowed to glory in the presence of GOD.