WHAT is it? And WHO gets to define it ?

Ah, there’s the rub, as they say!

Orthodoxy means different things to different people. Orthodoxy as quoted in the previous piece by Michael Horton means a specific form of Calvinism, for that is basically what The Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals and those who produce Modern Reformation are all about: Reforming the American Church by calling us all back to that historical version of the Christian faith. There is a great deal of excellent fuel for the fire that we all desire in the form of true God-sent reformation and revival of the churches, in this tradition, their pastors and theologians.

E4 Unity advocates for this very thing, that is a God-sent healing and wholesomeness of His churches. I have said that this will bring the greatest blessing to this old world of ours and untold power in dealing with the terrible plights of humankind today; healthy, churches full of mature believers living not in the flesh of Adam, but in newness of the Life which is in Christ. But my conviction of what Orthodoxy is differs radically from Horton’s. It may look very much the same to the untrained eye. I only mention it here because it involves a fundamental element of our dis-unity and one that absolutely must be addressed in God’s time in order for the churches to celebrate the reality of their unity in God’s new creation. My personal view of Orthodoxy is not worth defending here, at least not for now.

Just to show you how grateful to God I am for all the traditions of Christianity, and the esteem I have especially for the Puritan tradition I want to tell you about an incredible resource that you would do well to bookmark for later reading and consideration. Sinclair Ferguson has been an authority on the Puritans and has written a book on the theology/orthodoxy of one of the most influential, John Owen. It is exactly in keeping with Horton’s original post, an orthodoxy that is thoroughly lived out in every way. The book is called John Owen on the Christian Life.   But you don’t have to buy the book to taste and enjoy a sample of the rich Puritan spirituality that it is filled with. There is an article by Ferguson on-line for you to look through his trained eyes at Owen’s treatment of the Holy Spirit in the Life of Christ. 

I have read this article several times over the last several years and I highly recommend it to every friend of e4Unity. And oh yes, I can’t pass up this opportunity to ask a timely question: Do you think the American press has any idea of how different these evangelicals are from all others they lump together in a certain voting block- say from those associated with Sarah Palin?