Once we choose to deliberately set our own cherished orthodoxy into the background and concentrate on celebrating our unity, we will find a rich and varied treasure chest in the traditions of other Christians. Perhaps at this point I need to make an apology to those who are not a part of the Western tradition, especially Anglo Saxon and white. I am very aware that there are rich resources outside the of those usually posted on American blogs. Having speant years in Brazil, I have learned how limited our own life experiences are and how much we need to deliberately seek out those beyond our own horizons. In a limited way I have tried to include some of those both on my Blogroll and in my E4Unity toolbox as well as on the Saints Gallery pages.

I have found a rich supply in the Liberal wing of the American churches, especially in the first half of the twentieth century, which I am afraid, has been greatly ignored by Evangelicals. One example is Karl Barth himself. I have learned much from him and other outside my own tradition in regards to Christian unity. Here is a small excerpt from a study on Barth’s concept of the Preaching role of the Christian minister:

“The positive factor in the new development was this: in these years [the 1920s] I had to learn that Christian doctrine, if it is to merit its name, and if it is to build up the Christian church in the world as it needs to be built up, has to be exclusively and consistently the doctrine of Jesus Christ.  Jesus Christ is the living Word of God spoken to us men.  If I look back from this point on my earlier stages, I can now ask myself why I did not learn this and give expression to it much sooner.  How slow man is, especially when the most important things are at stake!… My new task was to rethink everything that I had said before and to put it quite differently once again, as a theology of the grace of God in Jesus Christ…  I have discovered that by concentrating on this point I can say everything far more clearly, unambiguously and simply, in accordance with the church’s belief, and yet far more freely, openly and comprehensively that I could even have said it before.  In the past I had been at least partly hindered, not so much by the church tradition as by the eggshells of a philosophical system.” – from PREACHING and BARTH


For those not familiar with Karl Barth and his contribution to the Church, here is an excellent place to BEGIN