I subscribe to a magazine called “ZION’s FIRE”. It is of the highest technical quality and the founding editor is a man I highly esteem and respect. I have followed at a distance his mission for a number of years. He is a tireless advocate for Jesus Christ and as a Jewish Christian has zealously promoted a very specific tradition within the Church. I know this tradition well. When I answered God’s call to prepare myself for the ministry, it was the tradition that I initially received my training in. I studied theology initially using Lewis Sperry Chafer’s Systematic Theology as our main text. zionshope

As you perhaps know by now, my passion is to advocate for the UNITY that we have in Christ as Christians, and to insist that we must treat oneanother with love and dignity. I choose to do this by the simple method of letting others tell us in their own words what living and practicing their faith tradition looks like to them. Usually I do not try to debate their position or criticize it. I honestly believe that we have much to learn from oneanother if we will take the pains to listen to what they see from their perspective. Yet,this is perhaps one of the most difficult traditions for me to be faithful to that practice for the simple reason that I am not neutral on so many interpretations of Scripture from this perspective. But I will demonstrate my love for Marv Rosenthal and many other personal friends also from this tradition by withholding any comments. Within the great diversity which is the Body of Christ, this too is a recognizable and definable contributing part. Although I do not consider myself of this tradition, I am convinced we can be greatly strengthened by paying close attention to their emphasis.

I do believe that Rosenthal’s letter, the position within American Christianity that it represents and the political influence on foreign policy that is greatly affecting world peace and the mission of the Church of Jesus Christ, justifies not only calling this to the attention of everyone I know but also highly recommending its reading by as many as possible. Thank you brother Marv for being so transparent.

FROM the HEART of MARV ROSENTHAL (a few excerpts)

During almost two thousand years of dispersion, one thing alone sustained the Jewish people. It was a small candle in a dark place. But it burned brightly in their hearts. They believed above all things that one day their Messiah would come. Who He would be and when He would come, they did not know. But the hope of His coming was an anchor of the soul, so strong that no storm of adversity which Satan could throw against them could make that anchor break.

In May of 1948 the impossible became the possible. What had never happened before in the annals of history came to pass as God had foretold in His Word. After nineteen hundred years of being buried among the nations of the world, Israel was reborn. They are a people with their own land and capital city. They lack only one thing to make their national resurrection complete. Their King, the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, the Son of David, “the seed of the woman”, must return !

OPEN LETTER FROM MARV ROSENTHAL – Take time to get to know the ministry of Zion’s Hope including the beautiful music from the Jewish-Christian tradition. You will not find a more readable and precise statement of the theology that drives much of the “religious right” politics in America.

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