I’ve been having a great time posting on the “Year of St.Paul” and responding to the invitation of Pope Benedict to study afresh with the Catholic Church the contribution this Apostle makes to Christianity.

I have learned many things not only from the Biblical texts but have also learned of the Apostle’s influence on the Catholic renewal that has been going on for some time and is especially seen in the council known as Vatican II. But June 29 is coming around soon and I am hoping to choose another theme that will keep me busy.

EDINBURGH 1910-2010  appears to be a very good candidate. Click here to see the intended outcomes.

In 1910 the first world conference on Protestant Missions was held and this remarkable event led to much of the activity in the 20th century churches not only for world-wide expansion but for the related emphasis on the Biblical theme of UNITY. In fact this conference led directly to the eventual founding of the World Council of Churches. It was a very significant event coming as it did as the build-up for World War I was already underway by many of the same countries that the delegates came from. There is much to review about the first conference and what has happened in Protestant mission since.

Preparations for the Cenntenial celebrations are already far along with four major conferences planned around the world. The excitement is building among the churches and it has caught me in its wave. If you want to inform yourself of some of the things we will have to blog about check-out EDINBURGH 2010:Remembering the past, redefining the future.