Athletic competition has long been present in western civilization. The use of the athlete competing for a prize was a common metaphor in the writings of Paul the Apostle.  The Gospel calls us to follow Christ- to engage in the race of Life.  raceThis race requires all the diligence and discipline of other human competitions but they are all entered into to gain “an earthly” reward. The race of Life is set before us to obtain an everlasting Crown of Glory. This race is the over arching theme of the Lenten readings for this week. Read carefully and thoughtfully.

Lenten Readings from Saint Paul– week 5

Wednesday- Rom 9  According to God’s plan        Thursday- Rom 10 The Obedience of Faith                                         Friday- 2 Cor 3  Ministry of the New Covenant                              Saturday- 2 Cor 4  Treasure in Clay Pots                                                Sunday- 2 Cor 5 Ambassadors of Reconciliation          Monday- Heb 12The Race set before us                            Tuesday- Heb 13Bearing the reproach of Christ