Living by the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Well we’re already deep into the new calendar year and already face to face with human suffering and the mysteries of life on planet earth. For this blogger that means an opportunity to exchange personal viewpoints about how faith thinks and acts in daily life.

As far as my own faith in the Biblical witness that God Himself has given, that means keeping the Gospel of Christ as the fountainhead of every single day. I found the following post on another blog so powerful that I want to defer to it with little comment. I am focusing on what it says to the misconception that the Gospel is only about the begining-the ABC’s of salvation. Nothing could be farther from the reality. See if you agree.

Maturity doesn’t mean moving beyond the gospel, but more deeply into it.“There are two challenges for preachers, those of us called to announce this good news. First is to help people understand theologically that the gospel doesn’t just ignite the Christian life but it’s also the fuel that keeps Christians going and growing every day. The second challenge, which is much harder for me than the first, is to help people understand how this works functionally.

I address the second challenge by regularly asking myself this question: Since Jesus secured my pardon and absorbed the Father’s wrath on my behalf so that “there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus,” how does that impact my longing for approval, my tendency to be controlling, and my fear of the unknown?

In other words, how does the finished work of Christ satisfy my deepest daily needs so that I can experience the liberating power of the gospel every day and in every way?

If you’re a preacher, then God has called you to help others make the connection between Christ’s finished work and their daily life. To do this, we must unveil and unpack the truth of the gospel from every biblical text we preach in such a way that it exposes both the idols of our culture and the idols of our hearts.”

(from “The Everyday Gospel”- Tullian Tchividian)

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