Staying focused in the Lenten season is always difficult for me. There is so much to think about in a concentrated way this time of year in the Church calendar. It has helped me to basically reduce everything to two poles which my Christian life must always revolve around:

  • The one that really stands out during Lent is the practical one, the life I live in society with everyone else; the battleground of the life of faith, the world, the flesh, and the devil.
  • The other one is the rock of my salvation, the anchor of my soul, the Father’s provision of grace in the Son of His love- the Lord Jesus Christ.

So as we go through Lent emphasizing introspection and soul searching regarding the reality of our walk in this world, we must be careful to maintain the focus especially now, not on ourselves but upon the Captain of our salvation; the author and perfecter of every Christian life.

“Jesus Christ is the only food by which our souls are nourished; but as it is distributed to us by the word of the Lord, which he has appointed an instrument for that purpose, that word is also called bread and water. Now what is said of the word applies as well to the sacrament of the Supper, by means of which the Lord leads us to communion with Jesus Christ. For seeing we are so weak that we cannot receive him with true heartfelt trust, when he is presented to us by simple doctrine and preaching, the Father of mercy, disdaining not to condescend in this matter to our infirmity, has been pleased to add to his word a visible sign, by which he might represent the substance of his promises, to confirm and fortify us by delivering us from all doubt and uncertainty.”      – John Calvin