September 2015

Heard a message on I Samuel 15 today & was reminded of this post!

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CHRIST ALONE  (1964-2015)

As I’ve meditated on the Christian life over some forty plus adult years, there has always been a grave concern in the back of my mind. I have an ever increasing desire to focus on CHRIST himself, on the beauty and sheer majesty of my beloved and the riches that are in His person and in His perfect work on behalf of the human race as the one Mediator between His Holy Father and rebellious humankind. In Him truly are hid all the treasures and fullness of the Godhead in human flesh.

But in order for all this beauty to be seen by the eye of faith, I’ve come to believe rather strongly, that it must be seen against the background of what one has described as “the fallen man focus”; or simply a fuller and fuller vision of what God has said about earthly, sinful Adamic flesh…

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On the art of Observation!

A classic essay on the foundational art indispensible to reading with understanding. Is this a lost art among Bible readers?