2015 UPDATE- I highly recommend Pope Benedict’s book Saint Paul, 2009, which contain his messages during the Year of Saint Paul 2008-2009.

E4unity : A Prophetic Advocate for Unity and Peace


One of the practical benefits of studying afresh the contribution of the Apostle Paul will be to reset our spiritual compass. Paul conceived himself to be the key figure in a “vital stretch of God’s purpose in history”.

The importance of understanding his sense of being called to a specific work forces us to place him first of all in his own Jewish context and training which was anchored in the Old Covenant tradition as well as in the Hellenistic reality of the dispersion within the Roman empire.

Over fifty years ago, writers in the field of Biblical Theology were telling us just how central the Jewish context was for the Church to understand her own calling in our modern world. Here are some remarks from G.Ernest Wright, one of those writers, speaking of “The Church’s Need of the Old Testament”. I…

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