October 2016

Our #unity inspite of the last 500 years of schisms is a reality. #reformationday

E4unity : A Prophetic Advocate for Unity and Peace


I receive a very interesting mailing every fifteen days from a man named David Wilkerson. For those of you who do not recognize the name, I will just say he is a godly evangelist that began a ministry years ago among the gangs of New York City (see, The Cross and the Swithchblade) which is now global in its impact.

The message in this mailing made reference to the prayer of Christ for his disciples just before he was taken to be condemned and crucified. What caught my attention was the observation of the status of his disciples at that moment in the Gospel narrative: they were in fact already possessors of what we call ‘saving faith’. As Jesus prays, he tells his Father that he has given these men the words (testimony) that his Father had sent him into the world with and that they had  received that…

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October 26, 2016 Reviewing on my 74th birthday.

E4unity : A Prophetic Advocate for Unity and Peace

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