November 2016

E4unity : A Prophetic Advocate for Unity and Peace

Peace Window-United NationsThe Church’s Gift to the World


As declared earlier on this blog, the Church of Christ, according to the Christian Faith, is the most powerful force on earth when she is healthy. The Church has been given a life and a message to give to the world. Because of all the dissonance in what the world is hearing today from the churches, that very gift is turned into something unlovely and undesirable and more than a few are rejecting what they perceive as the message.


As a recent post was meant to show, the message is not about do’s and don’t do’s nor is it about the externals of religion such as rites, ceremonies, and creeds. No, the message given to the Church for the world’s healing, is all about a person: the Lord God’s Anointed Son, Jesus. He himself is the one that must be communicated in…

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Sunday is Christ the King Sunday- the grand finale of the Christian year. Are we living with a living ruling Christ?

E4unity : A Prophetic Advocate for Unity and Peace

Viewing an extraordinary emphasis upon Mariology in Latin America in light of the cultural background involved.  


I think over the past two years I have demonstrated my dedication to the unity of the Body of Christ & the necessity to work together as never before to make visual progress in demonstrating this unity before a watching world.

This does not mean we do not wrestle we difficult questions, seeking to understand Christians in differing faith traditions and promoting open two-way exchanges. Since Ascension Sunday, I have been thinking about the practical effects which are derived from living faith based upon the Biblical narrative. At the center of that narrative for this present age in which we live, I find the reality of the Living, present, rule of the exalted King of KINGS.

I think we have to ask the churches, some soul-searching questions? For example, are there…

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Crux Sola

In this new work from N.T. Wright (HarperOne, 2011), he tries to articulate his vision of who Jesus was and is and what he was all about according to the Gospels (and somewhat from the rest of the NT). In this initial post, my goal is simply (!) to summarize, briefly, the shape of Wright’s story of Jesus and his significance. In later posts I will offer more critical analysis.

For Wright, there is so much confusion today over Jesus, partly because of culture and historical distance, partly because what Jesus actually did and said was peculiar. Thus, scholars and pastors and others have taken their turns trying to capture the “real Jesus.” Early on in the book, Wright challenges both liberal skeptics and conservative crusaders by urging them to set down their weapons of war and, instead of dwelling on questions only of “did it happen or didn’t it,”…

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On Election Day 2016 – “Not discerning the Lord’s body” !

E4unity : A Prophetic Advocate for Unity and Peace

What does character have to do with it?

On this thursday of Passion week our thoughts turn to the Last Supper and the Biblical narratives that tell us all that went on there between Christ and his disciples. While the gospels are the main source for the actual initiation of the sacrament of communion, there is one other occurance of it recorded in Paul’s first letter to the Corinthians. This text should also be carefully considered.

Robert Hart, writing in the Nov/Dec issue of  Touchstone Magazine, presents a strong argument for what he considers was a main issue in the letter, “That Corinthian Problem”.

“The disarray, foolishness, and sin that St.Paul addressed when writing his first extant epistle to the Church in Corinth have worked to our benefit, for they gave rise to teaching in the Scriptures that has been needed throughout the subsequent history of the Church, and that…

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E4unity : A Prophetic Advocate for Unity and Peace

Was Jesus’ prayer answered?


The Gospel narratives can sometimes be a little problematic, especially if we’re trying to fit all the pieces together in a kind of time-line. It is very helpful to remember that each of the four accounts were written by different authors with their own very personal styles and goals. In the first three Gospels, the account of Jesus praying as He left the Passover meal with the disciples and headed to the Mount of  Olives to pray, is focused on the extreme struggle that He alone was having as the time for His death was upon Him. That is the scene depicted here with the three sleeping disciples in the back ground.

But the Apostle John’s version of this same time of prayer is entirely different. It is obvious from the begining of the text in the 17th chapter that Jesus has now won the previous struggle…

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