Sunday is Christ the King Sunday- the grand finale of the Christian year. Are we living with a living ruling Christ?

E4unity : A Prophetic Advocate for Unity and Peace

Viewing an extraordinary emphasis upon Mariology in Latin America in light of the cultural background involved.  


I think over the past two years I have demonstrated my dedication to the unity of the Body of Christ & the necessity to work together as never before to make visual progress in demonstrating this unity before a watching world.

This does not mean we do not wrestle we difficult questions, seeking to understand Christians in differing faith traditions and promoting open two-way exchanges. Since Ascension Sunday, I have been thinking about the practical effects which are derived from living faith based upon the Biblical narrative. At the center of that narrative for this present age in which we live, I find the reality of the Living, present, rule of the exalted King of KINGS.

I think we have to ask the churches, some soul-searching questions? For example, are there…

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