Let Us Press On!

According to Johns Hopkins University and Medicine center, presently, as I write, there are 127,863 confirmed cases of the heinous Coronavirus COVID-19. Currently, COVID-19 has claimed 4,718 lives globally. Yet, we must not forget that there have been 68,310 who have recovered from COVID-19.

By far, the highest concentration of this dreaded virus still centers in China with a present count of 80,932 cases. Yet again, to put into perspective the reality of this pandemic, we must realize that there have already been 50,318 who have recovered in China.

I share all of this to say that we must be careful in how we respond to this present global crisis. Every life is precious, and we must not throw caution to the wind, but we must also not allow fear and hysteria to grip us and dictate how we respond.

At the moment, the primary recommendation seems to be that…

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