(Selected E4Unity posts, articles, and essays on the One, Holy, Church; Her mission  and Her Unity.)

The  LOVE of  GOD for All  MANKIND – Err0ll  Hulse

The True Unity of John 17 – Ray Stedman

The Battle for Planet Earth – e4unity

The Way that Seems Right – e4unity

The Universe &  Two Chairs – Frances Schaeffer

Christianity through the Ages – Kenneth Scott Latourette

Separation: Outside the Camp – A.W.Pink

Why study Church History ? – selected Heroes of the Faith

Two Structures-Winter – Ralph Winter

The Challenge of Unity within Evangelicalism– CT

Unity Pledge ( a suggested model from e4unity)

The Essence of Saving Faith – John Owen

Activity of FaithThomas Hooker

On Mortification – Henry Drummond

The Radical Creed for Unity – Bryan Owen

The Holiness of the Church – Hywel Jones

A Vision from A Roman Prison – e4Unity

Sermons in a Swiss PrisonKarl Barth (review)

The Present Reign of Christ – Don Garlington

The Mind of Christ – Patrick Henry Reardon

The Missionary Spirit of Saint Paul – Roland Allen

The Kingdom of God and The Old Testament– Graeme Goldsworthy

 Sole test of Christian Communion – Roland Allen

Discipline in the Church – S.M. Baugh

The-Embodying-of-the-Spirit – A.J. Gordon

The Christian’s Strength – William Dell

Himself – A.B.Simpson

A.B.Simpson, Hymns of the Christian Life

The Old Cross and the New – A.W.Tozer

50th anniversary of the Joint Working Group, WCC

I Belong to the One, True, Church – Geoffry Wainwright

The Communion of Saints – A.W.Tozer

The Most Powerful Force on Earth – Ray Stedman

Concerts_of_Prayer– Thomas Nettles

What do you expect: A better society? -Jon Zens & Cliff Bjork

On Reading the Bible Together – Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Reasons for Neglecting God’s Priority – e4unity

Evangelicals and Catholics Together (ECT)- a call to One Mission

Freedom through Unity – Jose’ Miguez Bonino

Gratitude-and-Mission – Paul Minear

Art of Godly Contentment– e4unity

The Unity of Faith – Timothy George

The Church that Christ Builds – J.C.Ryle

LikeChrist: The Elect of God – Andrew Murray

Christianity is Christ – James Fowler

Solus Christus in the Psalms – Glen Scrivener

The Work of Preaching Christ – Bishop Charles McIlvaine

The Ultimate Concern of the Church – Paul Tillich

A Teacher sent from God – e4Unity

The Calling to Witness – Visser’t Hooft

The Day of Israel’s Glory – e4unity

Exhortation to Ministers of the Gospel – Richard Baxter

On Schism in the Body- John Wesley

How to Deal with Those Who Differ from Us Roger Nicole

Longing for Genuine Community – Lesslie Newbigin

Neglected 20th Century Prophets – William Stringfellow (quotes)

Observing Communion w/ Those (carnal) Corinthians

The Banks (limits) of T4T church-planting movements – Steve Smith

The Church and Her Prophets – P.Andrew Sandlin

The Sermon on the Mount:  A Necessary Presupposition

Living in The Season of The Blessed Hope – A.W.Tozer

Rules of Conduct –  E4Unity

Humiliation-of-the-Word – Jacques Ellul

America’s Civil Religion – Robert Bellah

Christian’s Voting Guide – William Inboden

Disturb Us Lord! – John Armstrong

Your Church is Too Small – J.I.Packer (foreward)

The Mark of The Christian – Frances Schaeffer

The Global Worship Wave – Bruce Milne

The Beauty of Partnership – Alex Araujo

The Real Danger Within The Church – e4Unity

The Church Against The World – H.Richard Niebuhr

Christian Missions to Muslims – Bassam Madany

Case Study-in-Safeguarding-the-Institution-From-Worldview-Drift – Christopher Cone

The-Promise-of-Life-in-the-Gospel-of-John– Paul Minear

The Incomparable Marriage Between the Creator and the Creature– Ralph Erskine (pdf)


“. . .until we all attain to the unity of the faith and of the knowledge of the Son of God, to mature manhood, to the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ. . .”

The Church’s Foundation

 The Church and The Bible – (A collection on Protestant Biblical Interpretation)

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