KENTUCKY Men’s Basketball:

Perfect at home in RUPP arena: 18-0

44th SEC Championship

#1 seed in the NCAA tournament.


And kudos to first year coach, John Calipari. Just think, he has done this with starting three freshmen!

Top Freshman in the nation!

An Amazing Revelation captured on film!

No, this time I’m not referring to the scandals of Wall Street or the multiple debacles of failed government both State and Federal, that we have been forced to view daily on the news in the last year. This time, I’m happy to be able to report on a much richer and far more uplifting project that is now ready for viewing about the real soul of the American people- including those we refer to as the “Native Americans”.

It’s all there; recorded for us marvelously in the epoch film-making of Ken Burns married to outstanding texts narrated by a rich assortment of eye witnesses from both the past and the present. It is the PBS production of “Our National Parks: America’s Best Idea”. Set to premiere on Sunday, this wonderful National treasure can be viewed on the internet in multiple clips that give us a sample of what it’s all about- our national soul; touching the living spirits of the land and the ancestors that have gone ahead before us. Don’t settle for this one clip! Press on to view as many as you can emotionally stand. And remember the theme: This land belongs to YOU and ME, this great land which is AMERICA.






These are not your ordinary Dentists



First, some thirty years ago, there was this real neat Brazilian, named Haroldo.He was recommended highly by our neighbor, an old man who himself was a Dentist in Campinas, Sao Paulo,Brazil. Haroldo worked pretty  hard on a particularly bad tooth with major decay, and ended up putting in a cap that looked more like a “block”, in fact that’s what he called it in Portuguese-um bloco. After what was left of my tooth was cleaned and prepared, this bloco was put in place with some kind of cement. It has held for those thirty years, until yesterday.


Enter my present Dentist who I’ve known now for the best part of twenty years, Paul Wong. Paul is a near genius and a real gift from my heavenly Father, who knows me well enough to know I have a real problem with going to the Dentist, that dates back to my early years at the Dental College in Kansas City. Paul is a graduate of Berea College, and after he finished his graduate degrees, he returned to Berea to set up his practice in Berea and he’s been here ever since. He has made a massive contribution to the community over the years. Besides his degree in Dentistry, he also earned a PhD in one of the sciences. Paul was born in Borneo, of Chinese parents, who raised seventeen children. I can’t begin to tell you the respect and admiration I have for this great human being and his place in this world community of ours. And he makes annual trips to Malaysia to be involved in projects to save endangered species.


As I left his office today after he rebuilt the tooth that will later receive a crown, if I can find the money to pay for it, he gave me a very precious gift. I’ve known for several years that one of his brothers is also a Dentist. I am not going to tell you everything I now know about his brother, I want you to follow the link I will provide so that you can have the enjoyment, or should I say feast, of seeing this for yourself. His brother is a very good photographer, and since 1982, a student of scuba diving. He has published two books of his pictures, and I believe has come out with a third one featured on National Geographic. Paul gave me a copy of his brother’s book, ”Malaysia – Beneath the waves”, and I’m dying to share them with you. The pics are literally out of this world- they’re in the sea world. As you enjoy the samples on-line, I hope you will pause and give thanks for the humble parents that have given the world such precious gifts. Oh yes, the brothers name is Michael Patrick Wong, and did I mention his practice is in London? The love and respect he and his brother have for the creation can definitely be felt through his photography.


This link will take you to the end of the picture presentation but will allow you to read about two books and then go back to the beginning. Enjoy, courtesy of the Wongs from Borneo.