Therefore we also, since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses… let us run with endurance the race...”

Elder D.J. Ward

I will begin with my most recent addition to the Gallery while his memory is still sweet and while we continue to mourn his being taken from us. This is one of those lives that demonstrates so clearly what God is able to accomplish with just one solitary life, when that life is emptied out to become simply a vessel for the greatest Treasure of all. (life story) Elder Ward’s ‘School of Prophets”

 Dr.James M. Boice- (1938-2000)

For thirty-two years Jim Boice was the Senior Pastor of Tenth Presbyterian   Church in Philadelphia and Radio Minister to a national flock. His strong  expository preaching was a model of pastoral nurture and life application.

Tenth Presbyterian developed under his minstry a holistic ministry to the inner city as well as serving as a main base for his Conference ministry to churches and pastors in America and  beyond.


Dr.Albert Benjamin Simpson


Beloved Founder and First President of The Christian & Missionary Alliance and Nyack College (New York).

I will forever praise God for bringing the life of A.B.Simpson to my attention early in my own spiritual journey through the writings of A.W.Tozer. These two men through their writings and their Christ-centered ministries have had a great deal to do with who I am today. Dr.Simpson preached a holistic Christ-As Savior, Sanctifier, Healer, and Coming King. His heart was so enlarged that he carried literally the whole world in it. He was a great missionary statesman and visionary.  (Read more about his life)

Read his own testimony to the fullness of Christ- HIMSELF

Simpson’s unique vision of Sanctification – 31 KINGS or : Victory-Over-Self

An early forerunner of today’s “Missional-Ecumenism” (see this tribute by a Canadian Anglican Rector, posted on a New York Lutheran website)

A few of Simpson’s- Songs of The Spirit

Read  Simpson’s covenant

Rediscovering the music of A.B.Simpson


This is one of the greatest examples of a life that influenced untold numbers of forgotten peoples.” Uncle Cam”, as he was fondly known to the members of Wycliffe Bible Translators, the organization that he founded, was a pioneer in what has been referred to as the “third advance” of the modern missionary movement which began with Carey in 1792. This important phase of missions involves focusing at last on unreached people groups that have no access to the Scriptures in their own language. But the man himself as well as his life work is quite a story. He worked closely with government officials in the host country as well as being a pioneer in working with the Roman Catholic Missionaries when he could. My wife and I had the privilege to train with Wycliffe and its sister organization, The Summer Institute of Linguistics, on the campus of Oklahoma University in the summers of 1967 and 1968. We learned about the passion of this man from those who had joined him in this amazing task. To date over 600 groups have received the complete Bible in their own language with over a thousand other languages having their language reduced to writing and some portions of the Scriptures. Read more details (while at this link check out two more related Saints, JOHN WYCLIFFE, and KENNETH PIKE)

Much of his legacy lives on in the lives of the dedicated men and women who labor on towards the goal of every people hearing God’s Word in their heart’s language. VISION 2025

PIONEERS in RADIO GOSPEL- The Preaching Saints

Dr.R.R. Brown (1885-1964) is credited with the first non-denomination radio ministry as early as 1923 in Omaha, station WOW.

But perhaps one of the best loved and remembered is Dr.Charles E.Fuller (1887-1968) and his “Old Fashioned Revival Hour”, which began in 1937 with a nation-wide broadcast. BROADCAST ARCHIVES

Read Fuller’s Biography by his son, Daniel: Give The Winds a Mighty Voice

A SPECIAL TREAT LISTEN TO ANOTHER Pioneer of Radio Ministry whose ministry continues to bless the churches via the world-wide internet. This time from the opposite coast- Philadelphia. Donald Grey Barnhouse (1895-1960).

Early years in California- Biola Class of 1915

SAINTS GALLERY CONTINUED– The communion of the Saints- part 2.

3 Responses to “Saint’s Gallery”

  1. I like to ask permission to use the image of Mr. Wm. Cameron Townsend with two natives of New Guinea in a classroom powerpoint presentation during a missions class.
    May I go ahead please?
    Thank you,
    Anne C. Kwantes

  2. e4unity Says:

    I’m sure that it would be ok, but I’m not the one to grant permission. I copied the picture from the internet- the photo was orignally taken by Cornell Capa, who did a lot of publicity for Wycliffe. Here is a link where you will be able to get a much better (higher)resolution of the photo.

  3. H T Young Says:

    Add to the early broadcast pioneers Dr Walter Meyer and the Lutheran Hour.

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