” I will sing with the Spirit,
and I will also sing with the understanding.”
– The Apostle Paul (I Cor.14:15b)

Some of God’s saints seem called to soar a little higher than the rest of us.
O Thou Brooding DoveIt is not difficult to know the source of every yearning of our heart God-ward.

The Latter Rain A statement of certainty that the Lord will send the promised blessing in His time.

It is I, Be Not AfraidIn the midst of each storm that fiercely rages, He still calls to us as of old.

Abram’s GOD: El Shadai A classic testimony to the faith of the man called the ‘Father of the faithful’.(Rom 4:11-14)

An Ordination Renewal Hymn Written on the 40th Anniversary of His Ordination in Hamilton, Ontario

A Sound in the Mulberry Trees A Simpson Trademark: Signs of coming Judgment at hand urging us to battle.

The Days of Heaven The foretaste on earth of the coming Consummation.

I Take, He Undertakes I clasp the hand of love divine, I claim the gracious promise mine,



A Missionary Cry The global burden of the founder of the Christian & Missionary Alliance.

“Endeavoring to keep the UNITY of the SPIRIT”

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