Hebrews 12: 22-29

By A.B.Simpson

There’s a solemn sound in the rustling breeze
That is more than the whispering zephyr’s sigh;
There’s a sound in the tops of the mulberry trees
That tells that the heavenly hosts are nigh.

There’s “a sound of going” upon the air,
For the Lord is marching on before,
And the angel hosts of the sky are there
As they fought for men in the days of yore.

There’s a shout of the right against the wrong;
There’s a groan from the whole creation round;
There’s a cry from the martyrs, “Lord, how long ?”
And the heavens are echoing back the sound.

And the Ancient of Days is on His way,
For the hour of His judgment is at hand,
And the shaking of heaven and earth to-day
Is troubling every wondering land.

Let us catch the signal from the skies,
And stir ourselves to follow on;
Let the soldiers of the Lord arise
And claim the victory He hath won.

We are going forth to a strenuous fight,
To a field of blood, and fire, and sword,
To the scenes of sin and the slums of night,
To the last dread battle of the Lord.

From Songs of The Spirit – Christian Alliance Publishing, 1920.


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