By A. B. Simpson

Philippians 3:13,14

A Voice is calling me, a Hand has grasped me, By cords unseen my soul is upward drawn; My heart has answered to that upward calling, I clasp the Hand that lifts and leads me on.
I’m turning from the past that lies behind me,
I’m reaching forth unto the things before;
I’ve caught the taste of life’s eternal fountains,
And all my being longs and thirst for more.

A brooding Presence hovers o’er my spirit, The heavenly Dove my heart doth softly woo; I catch bright visions of my heavenly calling And all there is for me to be and do.

A mystic glory lingers all around me, And all the air breathes out the eternal spring; I feel the pulses of the New Creation, And all things whisper of the Coming King.

And in my heart I hear the Spirit whisper, “The Bridegroom cometh, hasten to prepare!” And with my vessels filled and lamps all burning I’m going out to meet Him in the air.

From Songs of The Spirit
Christian Alliance Publishing, 1920.



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