by A.B.Simpson
Romans 10:14

A hundred thousand souls a day

Mourning the tragedy

Are passing one by one away,
In Christless guilt and gloom.
Without one ray of hope or light,
With future dark as endless night,
They’re passing to their doom.


O Holy Ghost, Thy people move !
Baptize their hearts with faith and love,
And consecrate their gold.
At Jesus’ feet their millions pour,
And all their ranks unite once more,
As in the days of old.


Armies of pray’r your promise claim,
Prove the full power of Jesus’ Name,
And take the victory.
Your conq’ring Captain leads you on,
The glorious fight may still be won,
This very century.

The Master’s coming draweth near,
The Son of Man will soon appear,
His kingdom is at hand.
But ere that glorious day can be,
This Gospel of the Kingdom, we
Must preach in every land.

O let us then His coming haste,
O let us end this awful waste
Of souls that never die.
A thousand millions still are lost,
A Saviour’s blood has paid the cost,
O hear their dying cry !

They’re passing, passing fast away,
A hundred thousand souls a day,
In Christless guilt and gloom.
O Church of Christ, what wilt thou say
When in the awful judgment day,
They charge thee with their doom ?

From Songs of The Spirit
Christian Alliance Publishing, 1920.
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