by A.B.Simpson
(September 12, 1905)

Ordain me to Thy service, Lord;
Baptize me with Thy power divine,
And help me for my future days
To make my will entirely Thine.

For twice a score of years Thy hand
Has led Thy child along the way;
Oh, how Thy patient love has borne !
Oh, how Thy grace has crowned each day !

And if Thy mercy yet can trust
A feeble worm to serve Thee still,
Ordain Thy child anew this day
To better know and do Thy will.

Correct my thoughts and let my life
Speak louder than the words I say;
And give to me this joy supreme
To know I please my Lord alway.

Give me the very mind of Christ;
Teach me to pray with power divine;
Baptize my lips with heavenly fire,
And let my messages be Thine.

And may the years Thou still mayest give
Exalt my Lord and make Him known,
Till every land shall hear His Word
And He can come to claim His own.

1 Timothy 4:6-16

From Songs of The Spirit
Christian Alliance Publishing, 1920.


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