The American Legion in Atmore, AL is our Santa!

Aimee Todd nearing her 12 birthday visits Santa

” Judy Todd’s husband, Lt. Commander David Todd, is serving in Iraq, so their nine children were chosen with seven being able to attend the event.

Victoria, Micah, Aimee, Rebecca, Christian, Daisy and Lily Todd ranging from 15 years to 22 months were on hand to receive gifts from Santa.

Tammy Fullbright, who made the trip with her mother Debbie Fullbright also got to sit on the jolly ole fat man’s lap along with Abby Kate Helton, who’s grandfather is Staff Sergeant Richard Stuckey is posted in Afghanistan.

Judy Todd said the Legion was very generous for giving gifts to her children as well as the others involved.

“It was all just a generous and sweet thing that they did,” she said. “My husband was extremely grateful that they did this for our family.”

With such a generous event having a tremendous impact, the Legion is already looking to next year. (Read more…)

Aimee is our grand-daughter who is about to celebrate her twelveth birthday. The American Legion post 90 is only one of thousands who deserve our thanks for doing what Santa gets all the credit for at this time of year! This is truly the “secular” spirit of Christmas in America and has been tremendously influenced by another Giver and His audacious Gift to humankind some 2,000 years ago. Merry CHRISTMAS to my blogging friends.