Geoffrey Bromiley (1915-2009)

Another godly life has been completed and belongs in our Saints’Gallery. I was not personally aquainted with Geoffrey Bromiley, but came to know that anything written from this man was of the highest quality and definitely had the mark of “the wisdom that comes from above” (see James 3).

My wife and I just returned from a trip to Tulsa last week. We drove so we had a lot of time to talk about a number of things. We spent a good deal discussing the critical difference in the training of teachers in the Church and how scholarship as handled in western education can either be a blessing or a curse. In light of my last post on a teacher sent from God, we talked about the incredible mental acuteness of the Apostle Paul (my wife is reading through the Roman letter) and that he models one of the most important ingredients that is so characteristic of that wisdom from God which brings so much blessing to the churches. Following what might well be the most difficult passage in this letter, which surely demanded all the mental discipline and intensity that the human mind is capable of, Paul ends the passage with a confession of God’s unsearchable wisdom (Romans 11:33-36), which to me clearly demonstrates  his own total submission of his intellect to the mind of God as revealed in Holy Scripture.

There is no praise for the lazy mind in the Christian faith, for shoddy scholarship. There have been outstanding examples through out the history of the Christian Church of godly men and women who were gifted educators- teachers sent from God to bless and enrich all of us as we sought to follow Christ and serve His Church. But this one necessary thing- our intellect and scholarship must always be held very lighly and submitted to His Word. “Your thoughts are not my thoughts, saith the Lord”!

Geoffrey Bromiley was one more of these priceless treasures sent down from the Father of lights because He wants us to know His wisdom. Read about his life at CHRISTIANITY TODAY. Thank you Father, for the life and ministry of Geoffrey.