…And Christians in the middle east.

This Christmas we in the West are focused on the East as never before. Our son David is deployed along with hundreds of thousands of Americans in Iraq and Afghanistan. But have we neglected to keep our fellow Christians in those lands in our hearts and in our prayers. For a reminder in Arabic to pray for the world-wide Body of Christ and with great humility, I present this Christmas card on Christmas Day 2009.

Dedicated to the faithful in Christ in Iran.

Largely unknown in the west, the Ancient Persian empire which pre-dates the Islamic State of Iran by thousands of years, is crucial for understanding the proud heritage of Iranians. I was fortunate enough early in this blog, to discover a blogging mate from Iran who would remind me of this Persian heritage. Tragically, the armed assault on political resistance of large numbers of Iranians this summer has delayed that profitable inter-change.

After observing the veneration on Persia1 blog of Cyrus the Great, I was able to share my own admiration for the one in the Hebrew Bible who is referred to as “Anointed of God”. Now, there is an exposition of Ancient Persia in the¬†British Museum and much available on the internet for all in the west to learn of this heritage and give it the respect that it deserves.