Did Paul actually believe and teach this doctrine?

A careful reading of Paul’s letters reveals that he not only taught this as part of what Christ Jesus had actually accomplished, but that after encountering the living Christ on the Damascus Road, he actually lived this truth.  yearofpaulHowever, the sad truth seems to be that there have been very few since his day who appear to have believed it. As J.B.Phillips, in his book “Your God is too small” wrote more than fifty years ago, “The power of the dark old god, rooted no doubt in instinctive fear, is hard to shake, and a great many Christian writers, though possessing the brightest hopes of ‘life hereafter’ cannot, it seems, accept the abolition of death”.

Rev.Phillips was an Anglican Rector in London during the bombing of World War II, and started to translate portions of the New Testament into modern English for the youth of his church. Later with the urging of his friend C.S.Lewis, he published first one part and then another until it grew into the entire New Testament. Needless to say he was very well acquainted with the biblical narrative. As I picked up this little book again and read some of his conclusions, I was struck with how up to date it was for the skeptical society we now find ourselves in. Perhaps I will post more of his comments in a future blog.

Lenten Meditations: Week 3

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