We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

We are created, not massed produced on some assembly-line in the sky. But made in the image of God Himself, we are endowed with a God-given dignity and value that only He can determine.

The best thing of all about Biblical Christianity, and in fact the seal of its presence in human lives everywhere, is that it is a message of the One Mediator between God and man that has in Himself the power to set a human heart free to serve the Living God & still be a unique person.

Celebrate the dignity and the freedom.

Reasons often heard for neglecting God’s priority

     1) Christian unity is really not important and therefore optional in the christian life as well  as among the churches. My Answer: Unity is number one on the list in Ephesians, chapter four, when the Apostle begins to speak about how to live a life worthy of our calling in Christ.

     2) Christian unity is a wonderful ideal but not to be realized in this world. My Answer: The same thing can be said regarding holiness, or godliness, but that does not relieve us from agreeing with God that it His good pleasure for us and diligently praying for grace to live it out.

     3) Christian unity is just not practical in our pluralistic world today. My Answer: According to Christ, the Head of the Church, it is the essential model for this present age that the world in fact can observe and take notice and “know with some certainty” that we are, in fact, his disciples.

     4) Christian unity is a favorite theme of only the liberals. My Answer: In the history of christian missions, ecumenism was promoted by godly leaders to advance the cause of Christ and the glory of God in the world. In times of disasters or times of unusual revival, the unity of God’s people has often been a prominent feature among those personally involved.

     5) Christian unity will only be produced by special organized programs-such as the World Council of Churches. My Answer : The true union of God’s new race is first and foremost a spiritual union produced by His Holy Spirit and the Word of God as a direct result of the finished work of Christ himself. We are not called to produce it, but to practice it, and make every effort to keep it.

     6) Christian unity is about the local church only and does not apply beyond that fellowship of believers. My Answer : It certainly must begin there and in the home, but must extend both far and wide to reflect the universal and timeless nature of the One,Holy,Catholic,Church.

     7) Christian unity will require that all christians everywhere worship in the same way and all hold the same doctrinal interpretations. My Answer: It is not about conformity over against the diversities of gifts, cultural contexts, and other legitimate variations of the multi-faceted grace of God. It is about unity of essence and purpose in union with and under the  headship of Christ.

    8) Christian unity will eventually require compromise with the truth. My Answer : When our Lord prays in John’s gospel, chapter 17, His passion for the glory of His Father on earth does not play one essential of God’s will against the other. The elements of His Father’s truth and the petition for the saints’ unity in Him and his redemptive mission in this world simply cannot be separated- neither in this central passage nor in all of holy Scripture.

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