Don’t believe all you read in the newspaper!

I’ve commented to various people about my respect for some of the contributions of the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints and suggested that Christians should inform themselves by asking a simple question. “Is God trying to tell the rest of us some things by way of this faith tradition?” For one thing, how about their missionary zeal which has resulted in incredible world-wide growth. Ask Him yourself to open your eyes to some of the other fairly obvious lessons in this video.


In my Saints Gallery I pay tribute to three pioneers in Christian broadcasting and with no apologies, I want to call your attention to another religious program that began in July 1929. As I’ve said on this blog, if we want to understand oneanother’s faith system we must listen to those within that practice that system tell us their story.

The Mormon faith that has given us the highest quality religious music, has evidently given us the oldest continuous radio program.

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