A Very Wise and Useful Discipline pluralism

I wanted to find a similar graphic but with the map of America, thinking of what our new President must feel like as he assumes such an incredible assignment. But perhaps this is closer to reality in that the assignment he has assumed is a global one.

But this is a very special week in the Church’s calendar as well and perhaps that has largely gone unnoticed. This is the annual Week of Christian Unity celebration, January 18-25, that is observed by a large part of the universal christian family around the globe. I hope you will follow the link for RESOURCES  and check out this year’s theme.

The principle of accomodation as applied to citizens of the eternal Kingdom of God while temporarily remaining citizens of this present world is a very helpful and necessary one to learn. I can’t help but sense that evangelical christians especially living in the United States could benefit greatly from becoming more adept at practicing it in this present day of opportunity.

I leave you with a few wise words regarding accomodation in the above context by a master-teacher addressing ministers-to-be 100 years ago.

  • “If we accomodate ourselves to the world in one way we must be exigent in another. Our demands must never be submerged by our sympathies. The more kind we are, the more lofty we must be with our kindness. The goodness of God must never diminish the severity of God. His gifts of love must never obscure the prior claim of holiness. His grace must never abolish His judgment.
  • Fatherhood is not the fatherhood of Christ’s God if it erase from our faith the necessity of an Atonement offered not to man alone but to God. The love by which God’s offspring are called sons of God is not His kindness to His creatures, but it is a special manner of love bestowed upon us with the gift of Christ and not with the gift of existence, by a Redeemer and not a Creator (I John 3).

 P.T.Forsyth, Positive Preaching and The Modern Mind, p.84

The Chief Temptation of CHRIST’S CHURCH forsyth

It was what still makes, and always has made, the chief temptation of his Church — the reformation of society by every beneficent means except the evangelical (The Gospel); by amelioration, by reorganization, by programes, and policies, instead of by the soul’s new creation, and its total conversion from the passion for justice to the faith of grace, from what makes men just with each other to what makes them just with God.

It was the temptation to save men by rallying their goodness without routing their evil, by reorganizing virtue instead of redeeming guilt. …It is the error which leads men to think that we can have a new Church or Humanity upon any other condition than the renovation in the soul of the new covenant which Christ founded in his last hours, before the very Church was founded, and which is the Church’s one foundation in his most precious blood. — P.T. Forsyth

ESSAY on THE PRECISE PROBLEM TODAY , from The Work of Christ, an incredible contribution to celebrating the UNITY of The CHURCH.

A classic on PREACHING CHRIST, by Charles McIlvaine “Nothing in this world could I rejoice in so much as to be instrumental, under God’s grace, in promoting the spiritual excellency and efficacy of your work and your personal growth in the faith and love of Christ.” (Ohio 1863)