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I’ve made reference on this blog to a trend that seems to be active in all the major faith traditions that fits into what I understand as a type of “revitalization”. This first came to my attention as we were approaching Y2K-remember? It was as though the leadership in all the major traditional faiths were trying to lead the faithful to prepare for the new century by renewing or re-capturing the original passion/vision of their particular organization. SBC

When I read what my friend Tom Ascol wrote for a local Tampa area Christian newsletter, I thought to myself, here is a perfect example that this trend is heating up within the Southern Baptist Convention. I will post only part of the article here but encourage you to read the entire piece.

As president of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky, (President )Mohler gave an opening semester address to students today on “The Future of the SBC.” Comparing the SBC to General Motors, Mohler warned that if Southern Baptists are unwilling to reexamine their principles and priorities in order to become more faithful to the message and mission of Jesus Christ, they may well find themselves, like the giant auto maker, with a more glorious history than hopeful future. 
At their annual meeting in June of this year, SBC President, Johnny Hunt, appointed a “Great Commission Task Force” to study the current state of the convention and bring back recommendations for next year’s meeting in Orlando. Many are already looking to that report as a harbinger for the kind of future that awaits Southern Baptists. As Mohler articulated the issue today, will Southern Baptists become more committed to Jesus Christ and his mission or continue to cling to old tribal and bureaucratic ways that served fairly well for most of the twentieth century?
To Listen to Dr.Mohler’s live forum (66minutes)GO HERE.
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