The Gift of God’s Love.

Regardless of whether your faith tradition participates in the Lenten season, the fact that so many Christians world-wide find this an excellent time to prepare for Passion week, should catch our attention. For those of you who do participate, whether or not you actually view this as a Sacrament, great spiritual advantage awaits those who enter into the intended purpose: exposing one’s inner self to the light of God’s searching Spirit which leads to Godly sorrow for sin and true repentance before our heavenly Father. (see 2 Corinthians 7:8-11)

Nothing will give us the courage and motivation to do this which is against our deepest human nature, than to be confident of the Love of God which has been proven at the very event that awaits us beyond lent: the Cross of His only begotten Son.

Look inside for 3 poems

Thank you Christian Books for this look inside for us to enjoy! (3 poems-especially ‘The Power of Love’)

The Love of God hymn