I was thinking of all the ways I could send a Christmas message to all e4unity blog friends and not finding anything that seemed to be just the right one for this year. Then my always resourceful wife suggested I look at the web-site of one of our favorite musicians (he happens to be the best selling Catholic recording artist)- John Michael Talbot.

I think it is time for we Christians to become less defensive and sensitive about so much that is said in the public square and learn to communicate using the world’s categories and thought structures. Here is one of the greatest examples- willingness to admit that the great Biblical narrative fits into the literary genre of “MYTH”. John Michael’s essay perfectly addresses so many issues I have wished I could blog about myself, I’ll give you a sample and hope you will really want to read more.

Merry Christmas to all

“Some of us think that a “myth” is a story that is untrue, or a mere fantasy. But that is not really correct. A myth is a usually story that tells and symbolizes a deep and profound truth. But it often is, and can be rooted in a true story. That is what Christians believe about Jesus. Jesus IS the sacred Story of stories, the Word of words. For us He is the Myth of myths, and the Truth of truths.

What is so special about the Jesus myth? We believe that in Jesus divinity assumed humanity so that we might share in divinity again. We also believe that death is conquered through His dying, and confirmed in His rising. In Jesus God is found in humanity, the Word in silence, glory in humility. These are paradoxes beyond mere human logic that speak a deeper truth that every human heart longs for. The fullness of the human yearning is complemented and completed in Him in a way that is most perfect. Jesus is the fullness of the Mystery of mysteries and the Paradox of all the paradoxes spoken of in the mystical traditions of all the great religions of the world. He is practical human balance and divine mystery all in one life, in one divine action. He is the Perfect Word in a way beyond words. This is the Mystery of Jesus.”


What we hear in the west at this time of year in the most public of places, is some of the greatest music the Christian tradition has produced and loved to present at Christmas. It just may be outside the Scriptures themselves, the most public confession of Christianity- of what is at the very core, for all to hear and see regardless if they consider themselves to be Christians or not. If anyone asks what Christianity is or what it means, the classic carols of Christmas present music filled with the Christian gospel. Perhaps the standard of all time is Handel’s Messiah which is built on the libretto provided Handel by Charles Jennings and is all Holy Scripture. The only interpretation is in the selection of the Scriptures and the order they are placed in to tell the Christian myth as well as it has ever been told outside the Bible itself. Oh, there is also a great deal of interpretation going on by Handel himself in the character of the music which he assigns to each Scripture.

The American Legion in Atmore, AL is our Santa!

Aimee Todd nearing her 12 birthday visits Santa

” Judy Todd’s husband, Lt. Commander David Todd, is serving in Iraq, so their nine children were chosen with seven being able to attend the event.

Victoria, Micah, Aimee, Rebecca, Christian, Daisy and Lily Todd ranging from 15 years to 22 months were on hand to receive gifts from Santa.

Tammy Fullbright, who made the trip with her mother Debbie Fullbright also got to sit on the jolly ole fat man’s lap along with Abby Kate Helton, who’s grandfather is Staff Sergeant Richard Stuckey is posted in Afghanistan.

Judy Todd said the Legion was very generous for giving gifts to her children as well as the others involved.

“It was all just a generous and sweet thing that they did,” she said. “My husband was extremely grateful that they did this for our family.”

With such a generous event having a tremendous impact, the Legion is already looking to next year. (Read more…)

Aimee is our grand-daughter who is about to celebrate her twelveth birthday. The American Legion post 90 is only one of thousands who deserve our thanks for doing what Santa gets all the credit for at this time of year! This is truly the “secular” spirit of Christmas in America and has been tremendously influenced by another Giver and His audacious Gift to humankind some 2,000 years ago. Merry CHRISTMAS to my blogging friends.