spring-breakI am happy to announce that the first signs of spring  are showing up here in the bluegrass. Not the full blown spring mind you, but just enough to set off the break from the dull routine of winter. I wouldn’t live anywhere else.

The early spring bloomers are putting on a show, the trees are begining to show their buds and of course the birds that leave for the winter are back with their own special songs. The wife and I have already headed for the dirt piles and the flower beds. It all holds the promise of about three weeks of gorgeous surprises. By now you realize that spring break for us doesn’t mean the same thing as it did when we both in University. Now we wouldn’t even think of “going” somewhere else to celebrate the glad event.

Scripture readings from Saint Paul’s writings: Week 4

Wednesday – Heb 4   Be diligent to enter                                

ThursdayPhilip 3  Pressing toward the goal

 FridayPhilip 4  Rejoice Always

SaturdayRom 8  Grace and Duty of living by the Spirit               

Sunday Heb 8  The New Covenant                                               

MondayHeb 9  The Old is Obsolete                                              

TuesdayHeb 10  The High Priest over the House of God

More than ever, I am convinced of the wisdom, not only of nature’s own cycle of springtime & harvest, but of the churches spiritual cycle as well.