1609-Celebrating 400 Years-2009

1609-Celebrating 400 Years-2009

What did John Bunyan, William Carey, Charles Spurgeon, and Billy Graham have in common? They were all known as Baptists; four representatives from four different centuries sharing a common heritage.

One of the first celebrations is being held this Thursday in Louisville, Kentucky, sponsored by Campbellsville University and the Baptist History and Heritage Society. Dr. Bill Leonard, dean and professor of Church history at Wake Forest University School of Divinity will be the key note speaker.

The wing of the Church known as Baptist is as diverse of group of Christians as you will ever find. I personally trace my English Baptist heritage back to the 1600’s in London, and believe that one of the central tenants that you will find in all the different versions of Baptist faith, is the one related to the dignity and liberty of the conscience  in matters of faith. Of course they were all heirs of the Protestant Reformation and held to the basic Christian doctrines as taught in the Holy Scriptures. The Baptists were often called radical reformers and persecuted by the State churches.

All who know anything of the contributions Baptists have made to American Christianity as well as to the expansion of Christianity world-wide will want to join me in thanking God for His amazing grace to this part of His New Humanity. To God be the glory.

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