Are these the true heirs of the Apostle Paul?

Most of you are not familiar with the term “faith missions”, but they make up a sizeable part of the total missionary force of the Church of Jesus Christ in the world today. They follow in the steps of Saint Paul.

Just this week I received the 2007 Yearbook of one of the organizations working in the United States, called the American Missionary Fellowship. Loraine and I have very good friends who left a good position with Ashland Oil in Lexington to answer a CALL to become full time missionaries. Their story of leaving a comfortable life and stepping out on faith, trusting the One who called them to supply their every need has been repeated countless times throughout the history of the Church. These are the original “faith based” organizations and they are more like The Salvation Army (which started as one of them) than the more widely known main-line denominations. Both serve the same Master and are part of the same global purpose.

The American Missionary Fellowship is actually a recent name for a much older mission, THE AMERICAN SUNDAY SCHOOL UNION which has had an amazing influence in the country through primarily establishing sunday schools and publishing christian literature. Officially founded in Philadelphia in 1817, looking over their 2007 Yearbook, I would say they are still in very good form continuing to do faithfully what the Lord of the Harvest brought them into exisitence to do: support and complement the work of the organized churches. I am firmly convinced that both are valid manifestations of Christ at work in the world through his followers. My hearty congratulations to John and Julie and the Union with thanksgiving to the Father of all good gifts for another year of progress.

ANOTHER STORY of GREAT FAITH– James Anderson Burns, Founder of Oneida Institute