I launched my little boat into the ocean of the blog world in March of 2008 with “fear and trembling”. The time I had spent observing other blogs had given me some ideas as well as a sense of longing that I too could tell the world what I was thinking and dreaming about this thing we all share in common: life on planet earth. I’ve learned a lot from some of you whose blogs have especially caught my eye and heart. But I also have learned again my own limitations, starting with the reality that I can’t begin to read even a fair sampling of the blogs that are out there. jesus1

I guess the hardest thing I’ve encountered is the difficulty to stay focused and not be drawn off course. There are always winds blowing which requires a sturdy hand on the rudder and eye on the compass. It should be clear to regular readers by now what my own compass is and I hope I have been able to more or less be true to my original purpose: to be a prophetic advocate for Unity and Peace. By captilizing both words I am signaling that it is a very specific Unity and a very specific Peace that my “eyes of faith” are focused on. Yes, those that belong to the Kingdom of God as that is narrated in Holy Scriptures.

So here are some of my posts, that I’m reviewing and are among the ones I’m happiest about being able to share from the heart. I will limit the number so it will not ask too much of any one to read them all. I will try to put them in more or less reverse order in which they were posted.

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One Response to “Flashback: Reviewing the first nine months”

  1. e4unity Says:

    A special word of appreciation to the folks at WORDPRESS:

    Thank you for providing me the opportunity to blog and for furnishing a platform which is both easy to use and full of functional abilities. I am grateful to my good friend that recommended you in the beginning.

    John Paul Todd

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