As of January, 2012

Evangelicals and Karl Barth  (3,418)

Victory Over Self – A.B. Simpson (2,131)

Introduction: The History of Israel by John Bright (1,713)

A Call for Christian Humanism– D.Bruce Lockerbie, editor of the book, “The Christian, The Arts, And Truth” (1985) (1,815)

Finding Christ in the Bible – Frank Viola                                  (1.770)

The Word of God in Education- Frank Gaebelein (1,470)

Kingdom of God Devotions – Bill  Barker (1,558)

The Lostness of Man – Louis.L. King (1,590)                             

The Embodying of The Spirit– A.J.Gordon (1894), from “The Witness of The Spirit”, written one year before his untimely death.

The Sole Test of Communion– Roland Allen (1905) The God-given essence of our unity in Christ!  The divine source of all true Christian unity: the work of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.


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