In Acts 17 St.Luke makes an editorial notation regarding how the Apostle Paul’s missionary message was received by the folks at Berea.

Now these Jews were more noble than those in Thessalonica; they received the word with all eagerness, examining the Scriptures daily to see if these things were so.

This noble quality of the Jews at Berea, namely to be discerning and responsible to check the new teaching they were hearing by diligently searching their own scriptures, has come to be applied subsequently to people in other cultures down through the years.

When John G.Fee came to the southern Madison County community in 1853 as a missionary, he found a group of folks that displayed this noble trait. So when it came time to name the village in which he worked to establish a college, he thought of this biblical name: Berea. It has been a part of both the College and the townspeople to seek to emmulate this wise practice upon hearing new teachings and experiencing many shifts in the culture and in the world. The standard of the Scriptures is still valid in the modern world of technology and scientific inquiry.

Read about how the Scriptural standard is manifested at Berea

Science and Faith Essays

 This is the same standard the e4unity advocacy has adopted. To see our policy statement and something of our historic heritage – see Exhortation to Ministers of the Gospel

3 Responses to “The Noble Bereans”

  1. e4unity Says:

    Did I mention that one of the freshman class this year 2007-2008 is a talented and attractive girl, a life of great promise, from West Lafayette, Indiana. Oh yes, she is also our grand-daughter, Emily. She has had a near perfect first year and is very excited to be at Berea College.

  2. e4unity Says:

    Some alumni of Berea College that I have talked to have sort of given up on the spiritual emphasis that it has tended to take in recent years. I’m in Berea almost every day and the contacs that I have lead me to believe that the “noble Berean spirit” is still represented at the College. Like every other christian institution today there is a battle going on in the classrooms and on campus to keep the biblical Christ in view.

    I have recently blogged from a book by G.Ernest Wright that was used in a class offered during the Spring term, 1972, on history and religious perspectives and this book was furnished by the College, The Book of The Acts of God. A similiar course is still required by all students and I can not vouch for its faithfulness to the scriptural witness as stated in the blog. I can assure you that that witness among all the others is present at Berea College.

    READ the Post: The Church and Her Identity Crisis:

  3. mercerd Says:

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