SaintPaul at Athens

Posts on LIFE and CONTRIBUTIONS of Saint Paul, the Apostle


A Chosen Mud Pot  (The Apostle’s function)

Blood Brothers  (Paul’s Universal Gospel)14 Apr 2008

Hope in Time of Abandonment  24 Apr 2008

Did Saint Paul Change the Message?   (Are there two Gospels in the New Testament?)  17 Jul 2008

The Crown Jewel of Both His Message and His life (13 Nov 2008)

Before I resume posting on Saint Paul in 2009, this is a good place to link to Pope Benedict XVI own essays in 2008 on Saint Paul: Faith Working by Love  (In the Pope’s own words)

What Saint John and Saint Paul Had in Common (19 Jan 2009)

N.T.Wright on Philemon  (19 Jan 2009)

Lenten Meditations from the Apostle Paul  (24 Feb 2009)

Studies in the Prayers of Saint Paul- by A.W.Pink  (index)

The Abolition of Death itself Did Saint Paul actually teach this? Examination of his emphasis on death- (March 2009)

Running the Race of Life  A one chapter summary of Paul’s vision of the Christian life (25 Mar 2009)

The Missionary Spirit and Saint Paul The coming of the Missionary Spirit at Pentecost was active in the life of Paul.(28Mar2009)

One Final Call? The present world crisis an opportunity to consider the heart of Saint Paul’s Gospel and the response it seeks in all who embrace it. (17Apr2009)

Celebrate Shavuot with Saul, the Pharisee Saul’s Jewish faith and the place of the Law before his conversion. (27May2009)

The Celebration Begins in Israel The gift of Torah and Paul’s thesis about the Law. (28May2009)

Saint Paul determined to Celebrate Pentecost at Jerusalem What was he thinking about? (30May2009)

ACTS: The Apostolic Epic – Touchstone Magazine

Jewish Law & Early Christianity – Biblical Archaeology Society

Saying Goodbye to “The Year of Saint Paul” Sadness at leaving this special year of celebrating the 2000th birthday of this great lover of Jesus Christ. (29Jun2009)


The Art of Prophecying  by William Perkins (ebook)

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